Why Supermint?

Japanese Mint, from the Supermint Blend, contain the highest ratio of menthol, of all doterra products; including the classic peppermint!  Japanese mint was identified in Japan in the first century AD. You are probably familiar with menthol and use products containing it on a regular basis. It is what gives products their classic cooling scent and taste.

Clinical and experimental research shows that menthol applied topically has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. The mechanism behind this effect is menthol’s unique ability to trigger specific receptors (TRPM8) in the skin that are cold-sensitive. Doterra Supermint Blend diluted, would be incredibly soothing when applied to a sunburn.

Menthol is one of the oldest known terpene compounds with a long history of use in traditional herbal preparations. In the Western world, it was first isolated in Germany in the late 18th century. And today, over 3,000 tons of menthol are synthetically produced on an annual basis. Menthol is an active ingredient in countless products ranging from aftershave to topically applied muscle cooling lotions such as A535.

For menthol naturally extracted from plant material, go to doterra’s Deep Blue Muscle Rub and related products.  Or, if you need the highest ratio of naturally occurring menthol compounds to address stubborn muscle tension select Supermint Touch or Supermint Blend. Supermint Touch is a 10 ml roller bottle that is prediluted and ready to apply to tense aching muscles.  Supermint Blend is a 250 ml undiluted essential oil blend.  Always dilute Supermint Blend with a carrier for safety as Mint is very strong.  Dilution also renders best results.

I have found, along with other wellness advocates, that layering Supermint with Deep Blue products works best for sore muscles.  Deep Blue rub or Deep Blue stick (with copaiba), can serve as your carrier for the 250 ml Supermint Blend.  Layering provides a boost to the already effective Deep Blue line.


  • Japanese mint, found in the doterra Supermint Blend was identified in Japan in the first century AD.  It has the highest ratio of menthol of all doterra products.
  • Over 3 000 tons of synthetically produced menthol is manufactured each year in North America for commercial use whereas menthol found in the Supermint Blend is naturally derived from plant extracts.
  • Menthol has a cooling effect on the skin making Supermint Touch or Supermint Blend soothing when sun burnt.
  • Supermint Touch comes in a 10ml roller bottle, is prediluted and ready to use whereas Supermint Blend is a 250 bottle of neat essential oil that works best and is safest when diluted with your favourite carrier.
  • Menthol is found in the doterra Deep Blue line of products but the highest ratio is in the Supermint Blend making it ideal for those addressing particularly stubborn muscle tension.
  • Using doterra Deep  Blue rub or doterra Deep Blue stick (with Copaiba) as a carrier for the Supermint Blend works best for sore muscles


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