Wellness Series Part 1: Biology of Emotion

Pain resulting from an accident or injury is one thing but chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and organ pain can only be managed with lifestyle changes and for many that means recognizing that illness and disease have an emotional root.   And it’s complicated because emotions may be inherited and stored in our DNA.   https://botanicalblessings.ca/anxiety-and-depression/#TrappedEmotions  Whether emotion is inherited or not, your body reflects upset.  Your brain releases chemicals that match emotions and your cells, through cell receptors, consume these chemicals.  Overtime the cell receptors are matching whatever chemical is most offered and a viscious cycle ensues wherein your cell receptors are selective, favouring the chemical matching your most prominent emotions.  And when new cells are made they are already born with this addiction.

Understanding trapped emotions and how to release them is foundational in healing.  Every essential oil has a chemical structure as well and Part 2 of the Wellness series: “Biology of Emotion” explains how  and why essential oils support healing on an emotional and physical level:   https://youtu.be/Af_2sJJjPoQ