Use Magnolia Essential Oil if you’re Cooped up and Coughing

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I have been studying and using essential oils for 10 years.  I love the science and history behind essential oils, and the potential of essential oils to foster emotional well-being, clarity, peace, and alignment.   That’s a big part of why I implement Magnolia when cooped up and coughing!

How do Essential Oils Soften and Nurture Emotions and Clarity

Essential oils are effective in altering our mood and states of consciousness because they are volatile aromatic compounds which means they will change from a liquid to a gas when exposed to air.   This makes it easy for them to enter the brain through the olfactory nerves .  The olfactory nerves carry the gas to the olfactory bulb which perceives scent.  The olfactory nerves and bulb are neighbouring  the limbic system within the brain.  The limbic system accounts for emotions, memories and behavioural response.  The chemicals of essential oils have what you might want to call a “spill over” effect wherein small chemical changes effect the neighbouring limbic area simply due to proximity. This is attractive to me. If I can enjoy the pleasant aroma of essential oils while chemically supporting emotional well-being, I’m in!   The best thing I could hope for in 2024 is clarity, peace and alignment.

Choose Magnolia Essential Oil when Cooped up and Coughing

It’s heavy winter.  It’s been snowing for a long time.  Family members are down with a cold and working from home.  I am using magnolia essential oil. Magnolia inspires empathy.  It highlights our likeness to each other by way of needs and desires. Magnolia embodies feminine spirituality and invokes unity and compassion.  It encourages us to see and understand our shared humanity and the beauty within each soul.  Physically, magnolia essential oil can relieve respiratory and sinus issues, and alleviate lymphatic congestion.  The close quarters with “sick” family members that is my present reality, is softened as Magnolia nurtures a team attitude and lessens the discomfort of a cold.   Magnolia is a good choice among the many emotionally supportive oils at this time, when cold prevail.  For that extra kick however, I have antiviral blends in the diffuser to clear the air and support healing


Other Essential Oils that work on Emotions and Respiratory Conditions.

Rose:                    antiviral, antiseptic, immune system tonic (physical)

isolated – loved (emotional)

Sandalwood:  antiseptic (physical)

uninspired – devoted (emotional)

Helichrysum:  mucolytic (breaks down mucus), antimicrobial (physical)

wounded – released (emotional)

Frankincense:  immunostimulant (excites and activates the immune system), demulcent (protects mucous membranes and allays irritation)                                             (physical)

separated – unified (emotional)

Lavender:          antiseptic, antimicrobial (physical)

unheard – expressed (emotional)

myrrh:               anti viral (physical)

disconnected – nurtured (emotional)


Other Effective Antiviral Diffuser blends

Thyme essential oil is a strong antiviral and mucolytic essential oil.  When the going gets tough, check out these thyme blends


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To purchase Magnolia (or any oil mentioned), and have it mailed directly to you, please contact me


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