Punchy and Protected with Unusual Thyme Blends.

Christmas should be a good time – if you’ve got the thyme!

Thyme essential oil is both antiviral and anti-infectious.  It’s in the same chemical family as oregano so it’s a good oil for anyone that can’t tolerate oregano. And it may have a few advantages!  Thyme essential oil delivers nicely over longer stretches of time than oregano does.  Good to know.  And thyme can be used more easily in a diffuser.  So get daring and get serious this holiday season!

Thyme is in the herb family of essential oils.  Herbs and citrus blend nicely together.  Likewise, thyme essential oil blends nicely with citrus essential oils.  My favourite citrus oils  to use in combination with thyme are grapefruit, bergamot, lime, and wild orange (or a combination of these citruses).  Thyme and citrus oils  are both cleansing and uplifting.  But together they have a little extra kick!   On one hand, citrus invigorates and dispels negativity and thyme can soften anger and rage!  That’s good for the Grinch in your family.  But over and above that, thyme and citrus essential oils are antiseptic, and purifying.  And don’t we all need a little protection as we gather and celebrate  this blessed season!?

With lots of people coming and going over the holidays, I choose diffusing to support not only me but anyone sharing my space.  Give this powerful combination a try; but be sure to use more citrus than thyme in your diffuser.  Although thyme diffuses more easily than oregano, it still has a strong smell that you’ll want to sweeten and soften.  Citrus does this while complementing the herbal nature of thyme. I recommend combining 1-2 drops of thyme essential oil with 4-5 drops of your chosen citrus essential oil in a diffuser.  Thyme and citrus essential oils together make a slightly unusual blend that’s punchy and satisfying, uplifting and protective!  My favouite combination is lime and thyme.

Natalie Vancenberg - Botanical Blessings

Thanks for spending this time with me!