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Regular pricing. No discounts.


A wholesale account entitles you to 25% discount on everything. There are 2 ways to initiate a wholesale account.

Loyalty Rewards Progam – LRP

With an LRP you pay no delivery charge on products, accumulate points which can be exchanged for free products, are entitled to impressive discounts beyond your wholesale privileges, AND qualify for a free product every month. You can initiate an LRP at the time of purchase or anytime you decide to embrace wellbeing and cleaner living. And it’s always wonderful to know that your purchases support humanitarian works and fair trade.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Benefits include:

1. Receive 100% return on every delivery charge when ordering online and 50% if ordering by phone. The cost of your delivery is reimbursed to you with free products.

2. Accumulate points with each order (like airmiles).

Loyalty Rewards Credits
After 13 months collect as much as 30% on each order!

4. Qualify to receive free products! Here is a chart indicating qualifying orders and rewards. What is PV? PV is an acronym for point value. Each order will have a dollar value and a point value. The point value of single oils and oil blends is dollar for dollar with the price. In other words if lemon oil is $12.75, the PV is 12.75. If you are purchasing some of the spa line, supplements or accessories, the PV may be slightly lower. For instance, Corret X (a natural non toxic ointment comparable to polysporin), is $15.50 and has a PV value of 11.

DoTERRA Product ValueIt is the PV value rather than the dollar value that qualifies for rewards. To receive the free product, orders have to be placed before the 15th of the month. You do NOT need to be selling doTERRA to have an LRP. Both wellness advocates and customers enjoy the perks of an LRP. The commissions qualification is included in the chart for those who do decide to share.

How an LRP Works

You place an order once a month.

But you are not locked in! 

1.You are NOT locked into spending a specific amount. The beauty of the program is that you get to customize your order. This way, if a particular free product is appealing to you, you can purchase more that month to qualify. In another month wherein the free product does not appeal to you, you can order less. For example, frankincense is often the free oil in December and who doesn’t want free frankincense which is valued at $118.00 retail? 

2. The shipping date of your monthly order can be changed at any time so that you can order at the first of one month and at the end of the next month should that meet your financial needs.

3. At the one year mark you will be charged a renewal fee of $30.00 but you are given a free peppermint oil valued at $35.00!

It is in consistent use of doTERRA essential oils and products that you transform your body at a cellular level and become a stronger, more balanced and healthier you.  80% of people on an LRP, renew it annually because they have witnessed the transformation that occurs with consistent use.