My One Month Trial of Doterra’s MetaPWR System at age 57: Diary entry #1

This is a journey of a post menopausal woman bringing to the table the added challenges of weight loss, sleep quality, and hormone balancing.  For my personal diary outlining measurable outcomes such as weight, waist circumference, digestive health, mood, energy level, sleep quality, changes in skin tone as well as weekly progress reports, click here  Contact me if you want to try the MetaPWR system


Contents of the MetaPWR System

Assist has 30 capsules per bottle

  • Take 1 with your largest meal

Advantage has 30  sachets

  • Take 1 per day

Soft gels have 90 per bottle

  • Take 1-3 per day.

MetaPWR blend has 250 drops/bottle

  • Take a couple drops in water and using a carrier oil massage on abdomen daily.

Gum (30 pieces) and Beadlets (125)

  • Take when cravings strike


Utilizing the MetaPWR System

Ultimately this system can only last (as a whole) 1 month.  My aim is to use it whole heartedly for 1 month to assess its impact when used as a system. I will measure results in regards to weight, waist circumference, digestive health, mood, energy level, sleep quality, and changes in skin tone and offer weekly progress reports.


Maximizing the MetaPWR System

Anyone wanting to maximize the MetaPWR system and get best possible results should consider making a commitment to consistently practice a handful of healthy habits.  Be creative with what you’ll commit to and make it a good experience.  Beyond the obvious benefits of healthy habits, I enjoy the added power of intention that this process adds.


My lifestyle commitments. 

  • Intention setting


  • I commit to chunks of time everyday wherein I pull myself into the present and deepen my alignment with peace, wellbeing and flow.
  • I choose activities, relationships and outcomes that support my alignment.
  • I choose to consistently guard my thoughts throughout the day to maintain balance and see the potential
  • I recognize and release any perspective that does not support wellbeing.


  • Mindful eating:

  • Very low sugar
  • no alcohol or dairy
  • limited portions,
  • rare evening snacks.


  • Foundational Health Supplements from doTERRA:

  • LLV
  • Terrazyme
  • PB assist.
NOTE:  These are my daily foundational vitamins.  And this is what I would recommend to everyone, in varying degrees.

Because of an individualized approach that I have already in place, I add DDR        prime, zendocrine soft gels and zendocrine complex, mitomax 2, turmeric and copaiba soft gels, on an as needed basis.

I also add extra vitamin C, apple cider vinegar gummies, and zinc as needed.


  • Mindful Movement: gardening, yoga, splitting and piling wood



MetaPWR Diary

Day 1:        weight:  157.1          waist circumference:  39 ½ inches

Day 3:        weight 156.7

Day 4:        weight 155.8

Day 13:      weight 154.1             Waist circumference:  38 inches

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 Progress Report #1:  Day 13.

Weight: 154.1      I lost 3 pounds
Weight circumference:  38 inches      I lost 1 1/2 inches

Weight is important but not as important as weight distribution according to many studies.  The world health organization recommends that women have a waist circumference of no more than 35 inches in order to live healthy.  Carrying weight in the middle is the unhealthiest body composition because it’s located near vital organs.  In fact, it’s sometimes called “active fat” because it can increase the risk of serious health problems. So even though I am within the healthy weight range for my age (albeit on the high side), I need to lose weight because of the way I carry it. At first I was surprised to see that I lost an inch and half in waist circumference but then I realized that if I have been experiencing detox effects, as I have, it is possible.  Toxins are stored in belly fat.

Digestive health:  a little gassy!  I’m sure this is a detox effect.

Mood:  Even keeled and feeling strong and confident in my ability to make change.  I am empowered!

Energy level:  I did not feel increased energy in the least until the 9th day.  In fact, I felt pretty sluggish and lethargic.  Its fall and the skies were grey in my first week on MetaPWR; and I always line up with seasons and feel my energy levels change at this time of year but I believe that some of this lethargy was due to detox happening in my body because I had other classic detox effects with both a headache and gassy digestion.

Sleep quality:  So hard for me to measure as a 57-year-old woman.  At this age sleep issues run deeper and take longer to correct because sleep is hinged with the endocrine system and hormone balance.  Hormone balance is always a challenge for women my age.  But if MetaPWR does what it says it will, my body will come into alignment and balance.  It’s too early for me to accurately assess sleep as more youthful counterparts are able.


Skin Tone:  I often get told that I look younger than I am.  And I’m grateful to hear that!  But once you’re over 55, weight loss in regards to the face is a double edged sword.  Research indicates that it takes 9 pounds for weight loss to show in the face of a woman and 10 pounds to show in the face of a man.  A slimmer face makes anyone more attractive.  However, after 55 weight loss in the face can contribute to wrinkles and sagging.   So if MetaPWR improves skin tone, I will have to wait until I lose another 5 pounds before I can give a worthy testimony of skin tone.


The Products:

I found the  satiety gum tasted great but only for a short burst and then it tastes pretty bland.  But I used it 2 times in the first 13 days and it did it’s trick.  I had been feeling a little snacky and the gum was helpful.  Each gum has 1 drop of MetaPWR essential oil blend in it.


The beadlets like the gum, are small doses of the MetaPWR essential oil blend work and help in resisting snacking.   They can be swallowed so that they bypass your taste buds and you get the benefits without the taste.  Or if you enjoy the smell and flavour as I do, you can allow them to dissolve in your mouth.  I used them sparingly as I was using the MetaPWR essential oil blend liberally (see below).

I took 1 soft gel a day and at least 1/3 of the time I took 2: one in the morning and one in the evening.


I used a lot of the MetaPWR essential oil blend in the first 13 days.  In fact, I used half a bottle! I am sure that is partly why I was experiencing detox effects.  This much consumption may be too much for someone new to essential oils, supplements and detox, but it was perfect for me.  Just enough to let me know the products were working but not enough to disrupts daily activity.  I took it in my water and mixed it with honey to add to herbal tea.  On a couple of occasions, I applied it topically to the abdomen to address subcutaneous belly fat.


I felt immediate effects with MetaPWT advantage.  This drink was nourishing and satisfying, like a gratifying snack.  After drinking it, there was always an energy surge.  MetaPWR advantage gave me confidence that with consistent use of the MetaPWR system, the benefits it claims such as sustained energy levels, will be evident by the end of this one month trial.



I had 2 dinner parties to attend and I participated fully in both.  I had 1 evening of unrestricted snacking.  That is a lot of cheating in 13 days.  But other than that, I was pretty disciplined.  I was very careful with what I ate and I restricted my portions rather militantly.  I kept alcohol intake very low consuming 5 bottles of beer in the first 13 days dinner parties included.  The pessimist in me looks at this and says that this effort alone is responsible for weight loss.  And it could have been 15 years ago.  But after age 55 weight loss is much harder.  I have tried all of this before without MetaPWR and it took me over a year to lose 10 pounds.  So when I consider my dinner parties and my evening of unrestricted snacking coinciding with my MetaPWR challenge, I have to give credit to MetaPWR.   It is the only thing I did differently from what I had done in the year prior wherein I lost only 10 pounds.


Thanks for spending this time with me!