Magic Mayhem and Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil serves to instill  trust in  one’s intuitive nature.  Intuition has not always been valued but in recent times it is recognized as an  advanced form of intelligence.  Intuition is a feminine energy.  Over centuries  of disregard for feminine energy and intuition, individuals have experienced difficulties when they try to follow their instincts.  Myrrh essential oil is about restoring feminine energy and feeling secure with our intuition.

The mystical nature of women has been downplayed in religions and cultures throughout history.   Part of this downplay is believing that women speak and act out of unrestrained and irrational emotion rather than insight.  Traditionally, societies have denied women of their feminine intuitive power and silenced them in metaphysical debates and places of spiritual and academic leadership.

Myrrh essential oil aids in overcoming any wounding that has resulted from the oppression that is familiar to women (and men) who have been dismissed, ridiculed or persecuted for expressing and acting  upon their feminine intuitive power.   It stirs a deep faith in feminine intuition.  Myrrh essential oil assists individuals in feeling safe, secure and confident in one’s own discernment.  And that’s a very good thing!  In fact, “Studies show that pairing gut feelings with analytical thinking helps you make better, faster, and more accurate decisions and gives you more confidence in your choices than relying on intellect alone” (Harvard Business Review)

The Smell of Myrrh is too Strong

The resin extracted from the myrrh tree is transformed into an herbaceous, woody essential oil.   It is strong smelling.  It’s an essential oil that seems  to draw a polarizing response.  Either you love it or you hate it!  If you are not a fan of Myrrh’s aroma, it could suggest that on some level you are denying aspects of your feminine power.   If this is the case, you can consider  hiding the oil in other blends.  The woody and herbaceous notes of the oil allow it to blend well with spicy, floral, or citrus essential oils.

Warm spicy oils that work well with Myrrh are Frankincense, Sandalwood or Clove.

A good floral  companion is Lavender.

If leaning toward a citrus combination for a sweet herbaceous blend, choose Lemon or Grapefruit.

If feeling adventuresome, myrrh with  eucalyptus is an interesting blend.


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