Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Meds and Essential Oils

An excess if a protein called tumor necrosis factor – alpha (TNF – alpha) is evident in patients with ulcerative colitis and crohns disease.  TNF – alpha regulates the immune system but too much of it causes your immune system to mistakenly attack healthy cells in the GI tract leading to inflammation and  swelling of the colon.  Traditional medications such as asacol,  prednisone, humira, remicade and methotrexate are prescribed to act as TNF blockers and/or to reduce inflammation.  All of these medications have serious side effects.  Some make the patient feel nauseous and tired.  However, they have proven to do their job.  Blood work is done to measure inflammatory markers in the patients receiving these drugs and when they return to normal, the patient is in remission.

A life without meds

Within the western medical model, root causes of an imbalanced immune system are not addressed; and inflammatory triggers outside of increased TNF – alpha are not considered.  It is typical for a patient with ulcerative colitis or crohns disease to oscillate between flare  ups and remission.  Without addressing root causes, the circumstances that lead to flare ups persist and remissions are threatened.  One  must balance and support the immune system and understand and avoid his/her inflammatory triggers to have any type of permanent relief and/or return to a life without meds.

Essential Oils Balance the immune system, address inflammation, and support the body throughout the entire process

The beauty of essentials oils is that they have the same therapeutic properties as traditional meds used to treat irritable bowel disease.  In other words, they can balance the immune system and reduce inflammation.  However, essential oils support the body in ways that pharmaceutical drugs do not.  At the most basic level, they are natural rather than chemical in nature like prescription drugs.  This means that unlike pharmaceuticals, they do not challenge the cleansing organs and systems of the body when taken responsibly.  Without the toxic drain on our systems, we are cleaner and stronger giving the body a better chance of maintaining balance / remission.  This means that the body itself becomes instrumental in maintaining remission rather than a reliance on meds.

Secondly, we don’t get immune to essential oils like the meds used to treat irritable bowel disease.

Thirdly,  essential oils do not have a list of serious side effects.  Essential oils will not hurt you when used wisely.  Listen to Dr. David Hill discuss “Safe Essential Oil Usage”

And lastly, essential oils will provide a whole myriad of benefits beyond immune support and inflammation!   Essential oils can aid digestion, promote relaxation, ease anxieties, lift spirits, promote a good nights sleep as well as combat parasites, bacteria,  fungus and mold; all of which are the underlying causes of disease.  Each of these benefits is independently amazing but it should be acknowledged that they have a snowball effect in the healing process.  The better we digest our food, sleep, manage our moods and protect against pathogens, the less inflammation we have.  And the less inflammation we have, the better we digest our food, sleep, manage our moods and protect against pathogens.  It is an upward trend rather than a downward spiral.


Essential oils used for irritable bowel disease have the same therapeutic properties as mainstream medicines but unlike pharmaceuticals, essential oils address root causes and support the body in ways other than balancing the immune system and addressing inflammation.  When we observe and address our inflammatory triggers and work to reduce them while using essential oils consistently, our bodies get stronger and we are able to obtain and maintain balance and remission more readily.