Getting a Boil Lanced – What’s my Alternative?

Boils can be painful and sometimes you need to go to the hospital to get them lanced!  If you can avoid that, why not?  Here is a recipe that has worked.  Apply doterra tea tree (Canada) / melalueca (US) to the boil.  Then apply a layer of castor oil on top of that.  Tea tree oil is highly antiseptic while castor oil serves as a powerful poultice to draw out the infection.  You may need to cover site with some cotton clothe depending on location.  For even better results, cover with cotton and apply a heating pad.  The heat will support the poultice action of the castor oil.

Be sure to select oils that are good quality and pure.  I like Palma Christi Castor oil.  It translates as “hand of Christ”.  And doterra essential oils are the purest in the world.  For info on doterra purity, go to