Forest Bathing

I love “Forest Bathing.”  It’s a practice dating back thousands of years and long encouraged in many religions although the actual term “forest bathing” emerged in Japan in the 1980’s to encourage people to get away from technology and embrace nature.  Ancient wisdom and religious direction or Japanese enlightenment?  It matters little  but the take away is to understand that spending time in nature brings one peace.  The atmosphere of the forest with its enchanting sounds and aromas provides supporting energies.  When we spend time in nature, we are often cleansed and restored.  Time in the forest can be refreshing and empowering. It is commonly heard that spending time in nature brings one closer to God.  In fact, there are 74 bible verses about finding God through nature!

Is Forest Bathing Passive or Active?

Forest bathing can be both passive and active!  You don’t have to hug trees or take  any particular action to reap the rewards of a nature walk.  If you take a walk in a forest, it is almost certain that you will experience some type of re-set.  But if you want to participate in forest bathing, you most certainly can enhance your experience.  To do so, practice presence.  Still your mind setting aside any of the complications of daily life.  And as you walk, keep your eyes and ears tuned to the sights , sounds and aromas of the forest.

What can I expect from Forest Bathing?

The sensory experiences of the forest lighten your spirits.  You feel greater ease.  When you tap into your feelings before and after forest bathing you will notice that any anxiousness, jumpiness, irrational and obsessive feelings have been soothed.

Some people notice that  sights, sounds and aromas of the forest become more vivid while forest bathing.  The sky looks more blue.  The grass and mosses are a brighter green and the rich smell of wood, earth and herbs is more distinct.  They have greater awareness of  bird sounds and the breeze  in the trees.  It’s beautiful!

When sights, sounds, aromas and sensations such as the wind are heightened; it is evidence that energy is flowing through you more freely.  Your’re aligning with the higher vibration of nature.  I love it!  In the photo I am forest bathing at Shouldice Lake, near Dyer’s Bay on the Bruce Peninsula.

Forest Bathing at Home

Through a process of steam distillation, oils (essential oils) are harvested from trees.  The use of essential oils has been documented throughout history and research into the efficacy of essential oils for humans continues today, in several counties around the world.

Tree essential oils, like forest bathing, are particularly effective in grounding us. Petitgrain, Myrrh, Cypress, Cedarwood, and Arborvitae each have calming and relaxing benefits. White Fir, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Eucalyptus are specifically good for tension or stress. Each of these oils works well when diffused. You can also put them in a warm bath by putting a few drops into liquid soap and dissolving it into the water.


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