Fa la la it’s DIY Chistmas Gifts

Hi Botanical Friends!

I had a request for DIY Christmas gift ideas.  Love that!  Roll up your sleeves, these are easy and fun……


And I just love the idea of some holiday scents.  Try these festive “perfumes” with the peace of mind that scents are natural unlike fragrances or perfumes.  They won’t bother anyone unless they are allergic to the plant the essential oil is taken from.  And that’s true because it’s the stabilizers and fillers in commercial perfumes that irritate people.  So go ahead…………








Now this next scent is unique!  Not only will it be uplifting  to

you and those around you; but it’s going to keep you  healthy

and strong throughout the holiday season.  Win Win…..









How about getting that one of a kind glow for the holiday  season?

Let this one sit for 12 hours before using


Do you have trouble unwinding and getting the much needed sleep you require over the holidays?         



And let’snot forget about romance over the holidays!

Let's not forget about Holiday Romance!

Thanks for spending this time with me!