DIY “Sweet Beginnings” Plant Based Liquid Fabric Softener.

Our skin absorbs 70% of that which touches it.  To safeguard our well being, it is important to have a clean diet but also to use non toxic products in our homes and on our bodies.  This plant based liquid fabric softener is part of that answer!  It is green through and through.    It is infused with doterra Citrus Bliss – an essential oil blend.

Citrus bliss is a combination of wild orange peel oil, lemon peel oil, grapefruit peel oil, mandarin peel oil, bergamot peel oil, tangerine peel oil, clementine peel oil and vanilla bean extract.  This is otherwise know as the oil of creativity.  Citrus bliss acts as a powerful fire starter addressing lethargy, discouragement and despondency with motivation and drive.  At the same time, citrus bliss is known to spark creativity by helping to connect individuals to their inner child.  Sweet Beginning fabric softener is good for you and good for mother earth!