Diary Entry #2 : My doTERRA MetaPWR Trial

This is my personal journey with the MetaPWR system  outlining measurable outcomes such as weight, waist circumference, digestive health, mood, energy level, sleep quality, changes in skin tone and any other significant observations.  Let’s dig in….

If you missed all the info about the products, see diary entry #1: https://botanicalblessings.ca/my-one-month-trial-of-doterras-metapwr-system-at-age-57-diary-entry-1/

Progress Report #2:  Day 29.

First up, let me say I was not the perfect candidate for a 1 month trial as I missed taking some of the products some of the time.  But you know, the 80/20 rule wherein following a lifestyle 80% of the time is  significant to bring about change is good enough for  me!  It’s consistency that counts.  I give myself lots of points here.  I have been steadfast in my commitments and I’ve enjoyed the journey!  I don’t mind having the product around for an extra 2 weeks.  It’s all good.

Weight and waist circumfernce:   Last I weighed, day 22, I had dropped another 1/2 pound making the total weight loss at that time, 3 and 1/2 pounds. I don’t weigh every week. I am interested in weight loss of course and look forward
to the final weigh in and measurement but for now I ‘m having fun observing the changes in the other areas.

Digestive health:

In  some ways my digestive health seems better and yet not really.  I don’t have much to report here.  I look forward to the next 2 weeks to observe which way this goes.


I feel  a lot of well adjusted resolve.  Healthy habits are interesting that way.  They seem to take on an energy when you commit to them.  As though one good choice naturally leads to another.  Like building blocks.  So you feel a bit more energy, or you have less inflammation in your body, in turn your’re happier and maybe even moving more.  Or you have a stronger will to manifest your vision.   And so it’s been with me.

Energy level:

There are different forms of energy.  And each of us will feel energy differently.  What I am really happy with since I started MetaPWR is a shift that I feel in terms of alignment.   It seems that I am observing and noticing the subtleties around me and with that have a greater awareness of the impacts and influences that effect my well being.  I feel a vibrational shift in energy as my body comes to life with the nourishing properties of the  MetaPWR system.  It feels  restorative.

Sleep quality:

Ok!  After 29 days, I’m there!  I can say yes to this.  It has helped with sleep quality.  I didn’t feel it right away like some people report but yep!  It came to me.

Skin Tone:

I got 2 compliments of that nature so I guess my skin tone must be good!  But what I personally noticed is strengthened finger nails.  My nails are naturally pretty strong, but they are stronger!  Any sign of change like that is evidence that change is happening at the foundational level.  I’ll take it!

Other comments:

I can testify that I have less inflammation in the system as my body is less reactive to challenges.  This could be 2 fold.  It could be the phytonutrients in the metaPWR system or it could be the collagen as it supports tissues, ligament, and joints.  I want to stick  with this to see how it unfolds.

If you missed all the info about the products, see diary entry #1:  https://botanicalblessings.ca/my-one-month-trial-of-doterras-metapwr-system-at-age-57-diary-entry-1/


Thank you for spending this time with me!