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Chakras and Essential Oils

What are Chakras and Why Use Essential Oils?

There are several systems of chakras.  All 300 acupuncture points are considerd chakras.  Most commonly addressed are the 7 main chakras that are located along the spine from the base to the crown of the head.   The earliest stages of embryological development focus on the cerebrospinal system and as such these chakras are the energy generators of the developing organism.  The chakras take universal life energy that surrounds us and transforms it into nerve, hormonal, cellular, mental and spiritual energy.   The root chakra brings in lower energy frequencies needed for physical survival and the higher crown chakra brings in spiritual levels of energy.  Experiences and belief systems  in childhood can prevent the chakras from opening and developing as they should.

chakra - Botanical Blessings

In some cases, chakras are entirely blocked causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.  Opening and balancing distorted energy within any of the 7 chakras keeps our energy flowing and has an overall positive impact on wellbeing.

Essential oils, which have the highest frequency of all natural things, are selected for chakra balancing according to which oils match the frequency of each chakra. The flow of energy through the chakras is vital for synchronizing the mind/body system and restoring and maintaining vitality.

Blocked Chakras

Base Chakra

insecurity in relation to the material world, ungrounded “space cadet”, inability to manifest money or needs, afraid of loosing what you have, unsettled, anemic, fatigued

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

NOTE:  DO NOT dwell on the characteristics of a blocked chakra and say to self something like “yes that describes me” or “that explains it”.  The idea is to recognize that you may have a block and willfully “let it go”.  Feel it lift from your body.

Chakra balancing can be done on oneself or in partners.  Generally people will lay down for chakra balancing but you may sit if you prefer. It can be very powerful and you may feel dizzy when finished.  Allow a few minutes at the end of balancing to rest and release.  Drink lots of water.  It is advisable (but not mandatory) to take a bath with epsom salts to help release toxins.

Chakra Balancing Protocol - Botanical Blessings